The process of documenting staging and choreography is a tedious process. STAGE WRITE makes it simple to accurately document the staging, choreography and spacing for any theatrical production or special event. Since it's release in early 2012, it's already been embraced by the entertainment community and is already being used by numerous Broadway and National Tour productions, as well as thousands of high-profile entertainment companies, regional theatres, community theatres, schools and universities around the globe.


With this web-based system, users can now sync their data between multiple devices and users, providing the best possible collaboration with your partners.


  • Import Script: User can import a PDF of the script in order to make notes.
  • Insert Lighting Cues: User can insert lighting cues for calling script.
  • Insert Blocking Notes: User can insert blocking notes in the white space on the script
  • Customize Number Line: User can create a customized number line for their production.
  • Freestyle Drawing: User can draw freestyle on charts for quicker documentation.


User can document the positions and traffic patterns of actors, scenery, props, and all of the moving parts in a production, by creating snapshot views of every formation and movement of the production in accurate dimension. User easily imports the ground plan for the space, creates icons for each performer, and then creates each chart to track the movement of each piece in the production


Users can also choose to create a staging score to make notes in this score format, which will allow the Whiting method to document the movement and choreography with complete accuracy in as much detail as desired. Each performer or element can be tracked and documented according to the timeline of the production.


Users can choose to document the production by making notes in the white space on the existing script, including blocking notes, lighting cues, in order to create a proper blocking book with detail. The script can be linked to the charts in order to see where each element is at every moment of the show.